Current Projects


In Progress: Understanding the Barriers to Implementation of Permanent Supportive Housing Programs in Rural Areas

In Progress: Rental Assistance for Whom? How Public Housing Authority Eligibility Criteria Influence Who Participates in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, with Vincent Reina and Joshua Davidson

In Progress: Claiming the Prize After Winning the Housing Lottery: How Do Housing Authorities’ Administrative Processes Affect Who Redeems a Housing Voucher?, with Vincent Reina

Selected Media: Affordable housing crisis has 'waitlist shoppers' across US vying for few Arizona vouchers (Arizona Republic)


Under Review: The Future of Rental Assistance: Lessons Learned from Implementing and Evaluating a Direct-to-Tenant Cash Assistance Program, PHLHousing+

Selected Media: PD&R Quarterly Update: Cash Assistance and Housing (US Department of Housing and Urban Development)

People are using cash transfers like basic income to pay rent, and it shows just how badly a housing-crisis solution is needed (Business Insider)


Journal Article: Racialized Homelessness: A Review of Historical and Contemporary Causes of Racial Disparities in Homelessness.

In Progress: The Institutional Sources of Racial Disparities in Homelessness

In Progress: The Prevalence of Housing Insecurity Among Low-Income Urban Households

Selected Media: The racialization of Washtenaw County's unhoused population (The Michigan Daily)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Fowle & Routhier (2024) Mortal Systemic Exclusion.pdf
Fowle 2022 Racialized Homelessness.pdf

Reports and Other Publications