Current Projects


Under Review: Mortal Systemic Exclusion: The Causes of Rising Mortality among People Experiencing Homelessness, 2011-20, with Giselle Routhier

Under Review: Racial Mortality Inversion: Black-White Disparities in Mortality Among People Experiencing Homelessness, with Jamie Chang and Katherine Saxton

Selected Media: As Storms Hammer California, Homeless Campers Try to Survive Outside (New York Times)

Column: On this flooded island of homeless people, climate change has never been more real (Los Angeles Times)

The uncounted: People who are homeless are invisible victims of Covid-19 (STAT News)

Homeless People in the US Are Being Murdered at a Horrific Rate (Jacobin)

’Homelessness is lethal’: US deaths among those without housing are surging (The Guardian)


Under Review: Irrepressible Implementation: Uncontrollable Variation in Nonprofit Implementation within a Government Experiment, with Rachel Fyall

In Progress: Rental Assistance for Whom? How Public Housing Authority Eligibility Criteria Influence Who Participates in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, with Vincent Reina and Joshua Davidson

In Progress: Claiming the Prize After Winning the Housing Lottery: How Do Housing Authorities’ Administrative Processes Affect Who Redeems a Housing Voucher?, with Vincent Reina 


In Progress: Reforming the Housing Choice Voucher Program: A Randomized Experiment of Guaranteed Income for Housing, with Vincent Reina & Sara Jaffee


Journal Article: Racialized Homelessness: A Review of Historical and Contemporary Causes of Racial Disparities in Homelessness.

In Progress: The Institutional Sources of Racial Disparities in Homelessness (in progress)


Journal Article: Restitution without Restoration? Exploring the Gap between the Perception and Implementation of Restitution

In Progress: The Consequences of Reversing Punishment: A Quasi-Experimental Analysis of Amnesty for Court-Ordered Debt, with Karin Martin

In Progress: Initiation, Motivation, and Liberation: The Emotional Significance of LFO Debt Forgiveness in Reducing Criminal Legal System Involvement, with Lindsey Beach

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Fowle 2022 Racialized Homelessness.pdf
Martin & Fowle (2020) Restitution without restoration.pdf

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